Carrie's Critter Couture & Biscuit Bar
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Calaveras County's Premier Grooming  Studio
A wide range of animal services

Sometimes you need someone to care as much as you 

  1. Full Service Grooming
    Award-winning Stylist! Carrie brings over thirty years of competitive dog showing experience to her grooming table; experience that will help you find a style that is functional and fitting to the needs of your pet and their lifestyle.
  2. Self-Service
    Grooming can be a wonderful bonding experience for people and their pets. Private bookings of the Studio are available for DIY'ers. Bring your own supplies or make selections from some of ours.
  3. Supplies and Solutions
    Find a selection of grooming products for all needs. Shedding, dandruff, skin allergies, cracked paws or crusty noses? We have you covered!
  4. Training
    We offer affordable training solutions for owners and their families. Our emphasis is on setting handlers and canines up for success using well-timed positive reinforcement that follows the SuperPuppy model.
  5. Pet Sitting Referrals
    It happens, that trip that takes you out of town or away for the day; you need a reliable, trustworthy caregiver to come and look after your companions. We can provide you with a list of people we know, trust and would leave our loved-ones with.
  6. Biscuit Bar
    Your pet will love you more when you bring home a selection of wholesome, nutritious yummies for them to enjoy. Made without fillers and by-products, we stock a variety of corn-, wheat-and soy-free treats for all ages, sizes and lifestyles.